Smart Coil
  • Physical Deterrent – Covert Detection
  • Low maintenance
  • Manufactured from Cochrane Ripper® Blade
  • Cost Effective
  • Pre intrusion detection
  • Detects any Attempt to Scale or Cut the Perimeter Topping
  • Open Architecture – To Integrate Into Existing Security Apparatus
  • Separate Energiser Delivers 7000V
  • Easy to Install

Simply and easily attached to a fence, wall or roof. the Smart Coil includes a detection unit that can be integrated into almost any existing security system – while it is shielded safely within a coil of barbed tape concertina.

Adding an optional Energiser allows the Smart Coil to deliver 7000v (non lethal). In this way, a physical barrier, detection and electric repulse unit can be seamlessly and cost-effectively combined to form a complete alarm system.

Smart Coil Image Gallery