Loading Ramp
  • Can Be Lifted by a Small Forklift
  • Maneuvered Into Position
  • Use to Pack or Unpack a Container
  • Self Supporting
  • Faster, Easier Loading
  • Adjustable Height Range

Unlike a concrete ramp that cannot be moved or resold, the Cochrane Loading Ramp is fully mobile and self supporting. Able to bear the full weight of a forklift, thanks to heavy-duty construction of the legs and framework.

Because the ramp can be easily moved into position by a forklift in minutes – right up to the “target” containers – they can be loaded faster, with a fraction of the usual effort. This not only makes it ideal for temporary sites, but “overload” situations where mobility is crucial.

With an adjustable height range of 600mm or a fixed height of 1500mm, the Cochrane Loading Ramp offers truly unrivalled work space flexibility.

Loading Ramp Image Gallery